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Christmas Market 2 Dec 9-2pm

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6th November 2023 - 6th November 2023

The Christmas Market will be full festive cheer!  There will be stalls selling artisan food, flowers  and crafts (read more>>)

Snowdrop Walk 3 Feb - 2 Mar 2024

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4th November 2023 - 4th November 2023

Our very popular Snowdrop Walks are running from Sat 3 Feb - Sat 2 Mar Thursday - Sunday (read more>>)

Autumn Farmers' Market 4 Nov 9-1.30pm

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3rd November 2023 - 3rd November 2023

Start November off with a bang at our Autumn farmers' market on Saturday 4th November.  The Old Dairy (read more>>)

October Farmers' Market 7 Oct 9-1.30 pm

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6th September 2023 - 6th September 2023

Over 70 indoor and outdoor artisan food and craft stalls.  Live entertainment and courtyard kitchen open selling breakfasts, (read more>>)

September Farmers Market Sat 2 Sep 9-1.30 pm

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23rd August 2023 - 23rd August 2023

Over 70 indoor & outdoor artisan food and craft stalls. Live entertainment from Pixie B. Courtyard kitchen open (read more>>)

Just So Festival 18 -20 August

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11th August 2023 - 11th August 2023

Very excited to be hosting the Just So Festival again this year which starts on Friday 20th Aug. Run (read more>>)

Summer Farmers Market Sat 1 July 9-1.30 pm

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12th June 2023 - 12th June 2023

Great Summer market planned with over 70 indoor & outdoor artisan food and craft stalls.  Live music, courtyard (read more>>)

Specialist Plant Fair Bank Holiday Monday 29 May 11-4pm

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17th May 2023 - 17th May 2023

We are delighted to be hosting our specialist plant fair again which is run in conjunction with Flower (read more>>)

June Farmers' Market Sat 3 June 9-1.30 pm

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16th May 2023 - 16th May 2023

A busy June market planned with around 70 indoor and outdoor local artisan food and craft stalls.  Live (read more>>)

Bluebell Walk 29 April - 7 May 10-4pm (Closed Tuesday 2 May)

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14th April 2023 - 30th November -0001

We our delighted to welcome you to Rode for our wonderful Bluebell Walks.  The carpet of bluebells in the Old Wood (read more>>)

Coronation Farmers Market 6th May 8-12pm

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13th April 2023 - 13th April 2023

A slightly earlier market this month for those who want to shop but keen to watch the coronation.  (read more>>)

Spring Farmers Market Sat 4 March 9.30-1pm

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28th February 2023 - 28th February 2023

Over 80 indoor & outdoor artisan food and craft stalls and Dawson Dean playing live.  Courtyard kitchen open (read more>>)

Snowdrop Farmers' Market 4 Feb 9-1.30 pm

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3rd February 2023 - 3rd February 2023

Welcome to our first market of the year alongside our wonderful Snowdrop Walks.  There will be over 70 (read more>>)

Snowdrop Walk 4 Feb - 4 Mar 2023 Thur-Sun 10-4pm

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3rd February 2023 - 3rd February 2023

Our wonderful Snowdrop Walk is running in 2023 from 4 Feb -  4 Mar,  Thur-Sun 10-4pm.  Last entry (read more>>)

Farmers Market Sat 3 Sep 9-1.30pm

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10th August 2022 - 10th August 2022

Great market planned for Sat 3 Sep with over 70 indoor and outdoor artisan, food and craft stalls.  (read more>>)

Jubilee Farmers' Market 9-1.30 pm

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1st June 2022 - 1st June 2022

A very special market planned this month to commerate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.  The Rode Hall Silver Band (read more>>)

Bluebell Farmers Market Sat 7 May 9-1.30 pm

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20th April 2022 - 20th April 2022

Great farmers' market planned with over 70 artisan food and craft stalls socially distanced in the spacious barns (read more>>)

Art Exhibition 9 Feb - 3 Mar

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14th January 2022 - 14th January 2022

We are thirlled to welcome local artists from Alsager, Sandbach and Ann Roach's club who with be exhibiting (read more>>)

Farmers Market Sat 2 Oct 9-1.30pm

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22nd September 2021 - 22nd September 2021

Great autumnal market planned with over 70 indoor and outdoor stalls selling homemade artisan food and crafts.  Live (read more>>)

Farmers' Market Sat 4th Sep 9- 1.30pm

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10th June 2021 - 10th June 2021

Hoping for an Indian Summer for this September market with  over 70 indoor and outdoor stalls and the (read more>>)

Local Artists Art Exhibition 4 Feb - 1 Mar

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13th January 2020 - 13th January 2020

We are delighted to welcome again art groups from Ann Roach's class, Alsager and Sandbach who will be (read more>>)

Bluebell Farmers' Market 4th May 9-1.30 pm

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10th April 2019 - 10th April 2019

This market coincides with our beautiful Bluebell Wallks so a wonderful opportunity to visit the market and gardens (read more>>)

Farmers Market 7 Oct 9-1.30 pm 10 Year Anniversary

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10th September 2017 - 10th September 2017

We can't believe it that it has been 10 years but we are celebrating our 10th anniversary at (read more>>)

Farmers' Market Sat 2 Sep

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30th August 2017 - 30th August 2017

Hoping for a glorious Indian Summer at this farmers' market.  Wonderful abundance of local produce with chard, tomatoes, (read more>>)

Summer Farmers' Market 1st July

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20th April 2017 - 20th April 2017

Lovely Summer Market planned for Saturday 1 July from 9-1.30 pm with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and (read more>>)

Autumn Farmers' Market Sat 5th Nov

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17th October 2016 - 17th October 2016

Remember...remember the fifth of November and this month's farmers' market will be packed with lots of mouthwatering treats (read more>>)

Autumnal Farmers Market 1 Oct

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30th September 2016 - 30th September 2016

Lots of Autumnal produce at the market this month full of pumpkins, squash & beetroot from the kitchen (read more>>)

Farmers Market 3 Sept 9-1.30 pm

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31st August 2016 - 31st August 2016

Saturday's market really marks the start of Autumn or perhaps an Indian Summer? There will be lots of (read more>>)

Summer Farmers' Market 2 July

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27th June 2016 - 27th June 2016

Let's hope the sun is shining this Saturday for our Summer Farmers' Market from 9-1.30 pm.  Lyncroft Farm (read more>>)

Spring Farmers' Market Sat 7 May

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25th April 2016 - 25th April 2016

We welcome Spring with a vengeance with our own Morris Dancers, the Black Dog Molly Dancers, Asparagus from (read more>>)

Christmas Farmers' Market Sat 5th Dec

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2nd December 2015 - 2nd December 2015

'Tis the season now so come down to our farmers' market this Saturday 5th Dec from 9-1.30 pm (read more>>)

Autumnal Farmers' Market 7th Nov

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4th November 2015 - 4th November 2015

Lots going on at the farmers' market this Sat 7th Nov.  We've a pop up craft market which (read more>>)

Autumn Farmers' Market Sat 4 Oct

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30th September 2015 - 30th September 2015

Don't miss the farmers' market this Saturday with lots of Autumunal treats from Longhorn beef to pumpkins and (read more>>)

Farmers' Market Sat 5 Sep

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4th September 2015 - 4th September 2015

Lots of ideas for Autumn baking at the Farmers Market tomorrow as well as the delicious Rode Hall (read more>>)

Summer Farmers' Market Aug 1

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31st July 2015 - 31st July 2015

A wonderful start to August with our Summer Famers' Market this Saturday 1 Aug from 9-1.30 pm  Lots (read more>>)

July Farmers' Market 4th July

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2nd July 2015 - 2nd July 2015

Summer Farmers' Market this Saturday 4th July from 9 am - 1.30pm.  It's promising to be a hot (read more>>)

June Farmers' Market Sat 6 June

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3rd June 2015 - 3rd June 2015

The forecast is looking good for this weekend and we're thinking BBQ's!.  Such a choice from butterfly legs of (read more>>)

Farmers' Market Sat 2 May

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7th March 2015 - 29th April 2015

May Farmers' Market this Saturday 2nd May from 9 - 1.30 pm.  Beautiful spring flowers, delicious asparagus, live (read more>>)

Easter Farmers' Market Sat 4 April

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6th March 2015 - 6th March 2015

Primed for Easter the farmers' market will feature a special pop-up craft market which will provide a wonderful (read more>>)

Easter at Rode

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6th March 2015 - 6th March 2015

Come and see our beautiful Spring gardens at Rode this Easter. We have a wonderful display of daffodils, daphnes (read more>>)

Farmers' Market Sat 7 Mar

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6th March 2015 - 6th March 2015

Looking for something a little bit different for Mother's Day...try some local ceramics or handcrafted gifts from Posner (read more>>)

Snowdrop Walk Photography Competition!

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18th February 2015 - 18th February 2015

Win a Rode Hall Spring Hamper full of Snowdrops, jams and goodies from our shop! Just take a photo (read more>>)

Snowdrop Walk Farmers' Market Sat 7 Feb

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26th January 2015 - 26th January 2015

Our first Farmers' Market of the year coincides with the opening of our Snowdrop Walks so a perfect (read more>>)

Christmas Farmers' Market Sat 6 December

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3rd December 2014 - 3rd December 2014

Let the Christmas shopping really begin!!  Lots of great ideas for Christmas presents at the farmers' market this (read more>>)

Farmers' Market November 1

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31st October 2014 - 31st October 2014

Don't forget the farmers market tomorrow from 9 am.  Lots of seasonal goodies & ideas for those early (read more>>)

Autumn Farmers Market Sat 4 Oct

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3rd October 2014 - 3rd October 2014

This Saturday's market will be full of Autumnal goodies including pumpkins & squash from Lyncroft Farm, apples & (read more>>)

Farmers Market Sat 6th Sep

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3rd September 2014 - 3rd September 2014

The leaves are starting to turn and Autumn is very much on its way.  This Saturday local produce (read more>>)

150th anniversary of All Saints Church Flower Festival 29 Aug- 1 Sep

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30th June 2014 - 30th June 2014

All Saints' Church, Scholar Green is celebrating its 150th anniversary with a flower festival.  All the arrangements on display (read more>>)

Midsummer's Farmers' Market Sat 5th July

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29th June 2014 - 29th June 2014

There is a wonderful array of Summer fruits and vegetables at the farmers' market this Saturday from both (read more>>)

Just So Festival 2014 15-17 Aug

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29th June 2014 - 27th June 2014

The ever popular Just so Festival run by Wild Rumpus is now in its third year at Rode. (read more>>)

Farmers Market & Dog Show Sat 7 June

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2nd June 2014 - 2nd June 2014

Don't forget our Farmers' Market this Sat 7th June complete with our first dog show which commences at 11 (read more>>)

Bank Holiday Weekend Farmer's Market Saturday 3 May

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2nd May 2014 - 2nd May 2014

Don't forget the farmer's market this Saturday 3rd May...Asparagus is on the menu from Cuttleford Farm together with (read more>>)

Specialist Plant Fair Sunday 11 May 11am - 4pm

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1st May 2014 - 1st May 2014

This year we are very excited to be holding our first specialist plant fair organised by Plant Heritage (read more>>)

Just So Festival 16-18 August

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12th August 2013 - 12th August 2013

The countdown has begun and we're gearing ourselves up to the Just So Festival this weekend (16-18th Aug) (read more>>)

Easter Egg Hunt at Little Moreton Hall

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18th March 2013 - 18th March 2013

Our neighbours Little Moreton Hall have opened for the Spring Season and are now open Wednesday - Sunday.  (read more>>)

Snowdrop Walks 2013

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10th September 2012 - 10th September 2012


Just So Festival 2013

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9th September 2012 - 9th September 2012

Due to the overwhelming success of this year's festival dates for next year have already been released: 16/17th (read more>>)

Christmas at Rode - Save the date!

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6th June 2012 - 6th June 2012

We have just released our Christmas opening dates when once again the hall will be beautifully decorated for (read more>>)

Bluebells at Rode 1 - 3 May

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21st March 2012 - 21st March 2012

Although we are renowned for our Snowdrop Walks we do have a beautiful showing of Bluebells at the (read more>>)

New Spring Menu and Snowdrop Gifts!

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8th February 2012 - 8th February 2012

Light lunches and cream teas are now available in our delightful tearooms serving homemade produce from our kitchen garden.  Choose from our mouthwatering soups (read more>>)

Snowdrop Walks 2012

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20th December 2011 - 20th December 2011

A date for your diary: Rode will be open for the ever popular Snowdrop Walks from 28th January (read more>>)

Rode Hall's Kitchen Garden - a feast for the senses!

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14th June 2011 - 30th September 2011

The kitchen garden will be coming into its own again from the end of  June. It is a (read more>>)

Children's Trail - fun for all the family!

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20th May 2011 - 30th September 2011

Don't forget to ask for your free Children's Trail when you buy your Garden Tickets. Wander through the (read more>>)

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Closed now for Summer Season

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